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Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH

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  • Public-Health-Lens Consulting

  • Death Doula: End-of-Life and Home Funeral Guide 

  • Altered States  Education & Programming 

  • Community Organizing & Activism

  • Nondenominational, cannabis-friendly Wedding & Funeral Officiant  

Originally Born in Downey, California, Pam moved around frequently with her family to surrounding cities and counties before sticking to Buena Park in her formative years. Joining academia in 2001 after several years as a medical assistant, she moved to Long Beach while earning an undergrad in English Literature at CSULB – Go Beach! 


Pam is a multifaceted professional who brings a rich tapestry of experience to her role as a Community Educator. Pam’s background is as diverse as her passions. She has accumulated six years in the cannabis industry, over a decade of experience as an editor & English tutor, which has honed her organizational and problem-solving skills. Early endeavors as an ob/gyn medical assistant, mortuary evening administrator, and her nonprofit work with the senior community have equipped her with a unique blend of skills and perspectives. These roles have deepened her expertise in areas such as altered state education, community access, breaking stigmas, harm reduction, and equity, all of which play a significant role in her current endeavors.


In the recent few years, Pam returned to her experience in deathcare to increase community education and services to include Death Doula and Home Funeral Guide. With a compassionate approach, she empowers individuals and families to navigate end-of-life care with dignity, offering personalized support and guidance through the complexities of the end-of-life. Pam's dedication to foster a deeper understanding and acceptance of death as a natural part of life is reflected in her work, aiming to provide comfort and meaningful alternatives to traditional practices.


As the co-founder of the Peer Education Community Center (PECC), Pam is on the ground, in the community advocating for people experiencing homelessness, people who use drugs, and mentoring budding non-profit organizations. PECC is dedicated to advancing peer-to-peer education and support, systemic navigation, and multidisciplinary navigation clinics. Through these initiatives, Pam champions community advocacy, social justice, and systemic change, emphasizing the importance of community education for a better, whole quality-of-life.


Living and working in the Zaferia District of Long Beach, Southern California, Pam is a true urbanite. Born and raised in the region, she has called Long Beach her home for the past 21 years. Her local roots and extensive experience contribute to her innovative and alternative approaches to community education and her vision for progressive community involvement.

Pam is committed to progression, alternative approaches, and a holistic view of life's journey. Whether guiding communities through education or individuals through the final stages of life, Pam's approach is always characterized by empathy, innovation, and a deep-seated desire for systemic improvement.

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