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Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH

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  • Public-Health-Lens Consulting

  • Death Doula + Home Funerals

  • Cannabis Education & Programming 

  • Community Organizing & Activism

  • Nondenominational, cannabis-friendly Wedding & Funeral Officiant  

Originally Born in Downey, California, Pam moved around frequently with her family to surrounding cities and counties before sticking to Buena Park in her formative years. Joining academia in 2001 after several years as a medical assistant, she moved to Long Beach while earning an undergrad in English Literature at CSULB – Go Beach! 


Pam is co-founder and executive director of PECC - Peer Education Community Center. PECC is a 501(c)3 that promotes community advocacy, social justice, and systemic change through community education. Current PECC projects include Project Dignity - outreach and advocacy for unhoused neighbors in Long Beach, Substance Poisoning Awareness & Prevention - narcan and naloxone distribution and education, Harm Reduction education and outreach, and Women + Plant Medication support group. In progress are TripTent Publication for Alternative Therapies and Transitions; and an activated TripTent at Cannabis Events.

Since 2018, Pam has served as the director of education and administration at Long Beach Collective Association - a 501(c)4 Long Beach cannabis trade association - where she leads public education, cannabis curriculum with LBCA members at Long Beach Community College, Compassion Cannabis Program, policy and patient advocacy, and general administration and media management. 

Pam also serves as president on the board of directors at the Long Beach Community Table, a 501(c)3 who has been providing food to 3,000+ Long Beach residents. She actively serves on the LBCT grant writing committee.

Pam believes in integrity, transparency, & credibility – academic and community. A life-long cannabis advocate, Pam dove into cannabis studies in 2014. Her expertise in cannabis education is found specifically in cannabis history, the War on Drugs, medical access, responsible consumption, and breaking stigma. 


She is a 20-year Long Beach resident, who lives in the Zaferia Neighborhood with her partner, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. Beyond the community, you can find Pam getting lost in a forest, on a beach, inside a book, in data, or in creativity. 

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