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Death Doula Services &
                  Home Funerals

Its empowering to have choice in what you can have at the end of your life.

While our society offers a safe and personal transition to come into life; our society has distanced from the transition of death and the leaving this world.


I am a death doula, also known as an end-of-life doula or death midwife. I am a professional who offers non-medical support and guidance to individuals who are nearing the end of their lives, as well as to their families.


These services often complement those of medical professionals, hospice teams, and therapists. Death Doula services help bridge the gap between our society and death and dying.


Death Doula services offer choice and control in death by uncovering options that reflect personal death transitions. Incorporating a Death Doula at the end-of-life often results in lower costs and navigational guidance for a truly personal transition.

Here's a summary of services I offer: 

  1. Education: I am an educator at heart, I provide information about the dying process, potential symptoms, and how to manage them. They can also educate families and communities on what to expect and how to offer comfort.

  2. Emotional Support / Bereavement Support: I offer a listening ear and compassionate presence for the dying and their families, helping them process their feelings and fears about death and the dying process. After the death of a loved one, I provide support to grieving family members, helping them navigate their grief and adjust to their loss.

  3. Planning and Advocacy/Practical Assistance: I can assist individuals make end-of-life plans, which might include advance care directives, funeral arrangements, and legacy projects. I can also serve as an advocate, ensuring that a dying person's wishes are respected. As an organizer and planner, I assist with tasks like organizing paperwork, coordinating with other care providers, or creating a serene environment in an individual's final days.

  4. Ritual and Ceremony / Complementary Therapies: I provide guidance to families in creating meaningful rituals or ceremonies to honor their loved one’s life and death, whether spiritual or secular in nature. As a registered minister and spiritual navigator, I also provide therapies like guided meditation, aromatherapy, music therapy, and more to provide comfort to the dying.

  5. Home Funerals: I assist families with planning and conducting Home Funerals and navigate the funeral system of internment. 

  6. Community Resources: As a community and system navigator, I connect families with relevant resources in the community, such as therapists, support groups, religious persons, or legal assistance. I also host community workshops about Death and Dying. 

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